There is mainly various important information regarding the electricity rates in Texas which are needed to be known well.

About Texas

We all know that the state of Texas is the home of about 26.5 million people. So, its history dates back to the early 1500s and after that, it has been an important part of the major historical events in the United States. It also stretches over almost seven hundred thousand square kilometers.


Different Roles Played By A Particular Company In Texas

There are usually three different roles which are played by a particular company in Texas such as:

  • Generators are mainly those companies who are involved in the production of electricity.
  • TDSPs or transmission and distribution service providers are considered to be those companies who are involved in the maintenance of wires and also the poles that help to deliver energy.
  • Lastly, the REPs or Retail Electric Providers are in involved in purchasing of the electricity from the Generators that they resell to the consumers and thereby provide customer service and also billing.


Whenever it comes to the energy industry, there was only one type of company who is responsible for the purpose of generation and transportation of electricity. The industry totally changed at the time the energy deregulation came into effect. It also forced the market to open and thereby creating more competition and also several options for energy consumers.


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