Nowadays, it becomes very much important to explore the most interesting facts regarding smoke alarm inspection.

Smoke Alarm Inspection

A smoke alarm is generally known to be a smoke detector and so, it is an important device that is involved in detecting smoke and also issues an audible sound or a visual signal for the purpose of alerting the residents to a potential fire.


Important Types Of Smoke Alarm

Mainly, the two most important designs of smoke detectors are considered to be photoelectric and also ionization. Both of these types again must pass similar tests in order to be certified to the voluntary standards for the smoke alarms.


Along with that, they should also perform in a much different manner in various types of fire. Most of the detectors may be well equipped with one or both types of the sensors which are again known as the dual sensor smoke alarms. Sometimes, it is also known as a heat detector.


Mostly, the sensors are described as follows:

  • Ionization smoke sensors are considered to be the most common and also economic designs of the sensors. These are again available at most of the hardware stores.
  • On the other hand, a light-sensitive photocell is mainly used in a photoelectric smoke sensor in order to detect the presence of smoke inside the sensor.


In this way, it is particularly evident from the above section, that these important points are always needed to be considered in regards to the smoke alarm inspection.


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